Monday, May 21, 2018





(Mobile Photos Autar Mota  )

From November 2017 Till March 2018, this park was converted to an Ice skating Rink. We were there in November 2017 . And now in May 2018 , we found lovely turf and flowers.

Prior to November 2017, we saw a bristling Handicrfats Bazaar in the Park. We also saw  Bank of America sponsored Winter village ,Musical shows and stage performances too. The Park space is always busy and enjoyable.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, The Park is close to Times Square , the spacious New York Library is adjacent to it and Empire State Building lies at walking distance just a few blocks away . The Grand Central Terminal( Train Station ) is also close by.

Bryant Park has free WiFi, world class restrooms, and neat and smart eating joints . Surrounded by iconic skyscrapers, more than 12 million people visit this park each year .

(Autar Mota)

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018




(Mobile photos..Autar Mota)

This confident little girl,  done in bronze,  faces the charging bronze  bull at wall street.  We were told  that the present Mayor of NYC   has ordered relocation of the bull and the girl. May  be at separate locations to  nearby stock Market. The purpose is   to decongest Traffic  .Both these  sculptures  located on the Broadway Traffic Median  are proving a hazard to   pedestrians and vehicular traffic .The girl may be relocated first and the charging bull may follow.

This 4 feet tall girl ( weighing around 110 kgs ) looks  impressive and fearless as she faces   the bull. She appears to be saying:

"  I am not afraid of you . I can catch you by the  horn."

Tourist are impressed by her style and fearlessness. People try  to copy her style  while standing close to her for a photograph.

Wall street is clse to American Indian Museum. It is also close
to Bowling green fence that was full of red tulips last week when we were there  . A central fountain adds grace to this Bowling  fence.

This little pony tailed  and fearless looking   girl,   representing female Business prowess(  sculpted by kristen visbal) was installed in March 2017. It was installed to encourage corporate world to put  more women on their Board. It was to be displayed for a few weeks only . But its popularity broke all records and citizens sent petitions to Mayor to keep it.  So it continues to be there. The girl looks daring with her hands on her hip and chin pointed up.

And i would say that the girl loudly proclaims that  Human mental force is always bigger than animal force.

The  Bronze charging bull was installed in 1989 after the 1987  stock market crash. It had become a symbol of american financial resilience post 1987 crash. The 11 feet tall bronze bull,  weighing 7100 pounds ,was sculpted by Italian sculptor Arturo Di Modica.

(Autar Mota)

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018




(Mobile Photos.. Autar Mota)

Spring has arrived in New York.  River While walking through parks and Paths , i see  Tulips and  Blooming Trees. A pleasant   Breeze welcomes me everywhere. My kashmir, My homeland  comes to my mind again and again.  I scribble..

Beyi  pherrun  Baagus  jaanawaar
Na chha shishruk gham na chha kaanh Tchalla laar
Phaetti gaash tulan beyi shor Tchopaer
Beyi  vuff ta vudav   orra yorr  Tchopaer
Me chha Basaan  daaii vassi prithvi pyath,
Parratchhien neitha-naen hi  posha kulein,
Chhakki Amrit hue  shabnam shehjaar
Sheish Gatchhi laenjji laenjji moolas moolas,
'Beyi Aav Bahaar
Beyi Aav Bahaar...'

(Autar Mota)

My English translation would be...

For Sure,
The birds shall return to the garden,
No more worries of the winter now,
None to make them fly away any more,
Once more a chirpy dawn,
once more flights in free sky;
I am hopeful
About God's personal visit to the Land ,
To spread freshness of nectar  like dew ,
On   every tormented  and naked   flowering  tree ..
And then,
 every branch ,
 every root ,
will come to know :
" Here comes the spring ,
And , Once more the spring is here.'

(Autar Mota)

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Sunday, April 29, 2018



Mohan Lal Aima...A forgotten Pioneer ..

After completcng his LLB, he was supposed to join Bar and establish himself as an Advocate ;  But Contrary  to that, he gave a surprise /  shock  to his family and  conservative  Kashmiri Pandit Society ( at that point of time)  when he decided to opt music and singing as his career.During those days, it  was something like  a rebellious  act for his  middle class family.

I am informed by many elders that he not only composed tune for the song'Lehra Aey Kashmir ke Jhande" but also led a group of boys  that sang this song when Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Sheikh Mohd Abdullah addressed a huge gathering at  Palladiu cinema chowk   Srinagar in November 1947 . This song was written by Maulana Masoodi a close associate of Sheikh Mohd Abdullah during those days.

He scored music for first full length kashmiri feature film MAENZRAAT.He scoreud music for Nadim sahib's opera '  Bombur Ta Yemberzal' that was widely appreciated and shown to Russian dignitaries Nikita Khruschev and Nikolai Bulganin.His  tune for Nadim Sahib's composition" Bomburo Bumburo Shaam Rang Bomburo " became popular in the entire length and breadth of the country after it was used in a Bollywood movie.

He scored music for Ezra Mir's 1953  film  ..Lotus of Kashmir(Pamposh).It was produced by Ambalal J. Patel.

 He was also commissioned by Muzaffar Ali as a music consultant cum Co composer  for his aborted high profile film ZOONI. The music of the international version was to be done by Oscar winner Japanese composer, Riyuchi Sakamoto, while  music for all the songs in Kashmiri was to be scored  by Mohan Lal Aima.

As head of music section Radio Kashmir Srinagar (1949-1964),  he is responsible for creating innumerable  popular songs based on kashmiri folk using only  kashmiri instruments . As singer, his soulful Naat 'Ya Nabi Gosh Fariyaadan Thaav' or ' My Prophet , Listen My Prayers' moistens eyes of every listener . This Naat immortalised him .
Though he could play any traditional kashmiri instrument with perfection, it was a real treat to see him playing the Traditional Nott (Matka) and Tumbhaknaari. He would dazzle his audience with a unique make, twist  and turn  of Pitch and tempo; a speciality that remains unsurpassed to this day.

He  was a pillar of the Cultural rennaissance in kashmir that had started taking shape in early forties of the last century.
Generations of kashmiris shall remain indebted to him for what he contributed to kashmiri Music.And  a generation of Singers and Musicians was taught and trained by him.

He was the first musician to  experiment orchestrization of kashmiri traditional music instruments creating what came to be known as "SAAZINA" . Saazina had  so many Rabaabs , Tumbakhnari, Sarangis, Matkaas( Nott) and Santoors to play popular folk tunes in one go on stage guided by the main Cobductor. Something like Zubin Mehta's Orchestra.

In 2009, when I met Smt Raj Begum sahiba, just mention of Aima sahib's name brought tears in her eyes. Wiping them , she told me:
" Swargus munz assinuss jaai. Me chha sakh khaaer Aima sahibun"
" May he be happy in Swarga. I am Indebted to him for his  help. "

And when I touched Aima sahib's name , Gh Qadir langoo  hugged me saying:

" Tche ma chhukh  Aima sahibun rishtedaar. Teli Roz raata assi nishi"
" I believe you are related to Aima sahib. Stay for a night as my guest."

Mohan Lal Aima gained immense popularity in Kabul during the period he was on deputation to Radio Afghanistan  as its Director General .

Alas! He stands forgotten in his dear  kashmir.

 No reward, No award and No recognition from any quarter.

Peace be to his Soul..

(Autar Mota)

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Friday, April 27, 2018




I love Listening to  kashmiri Sufiana music  from Santoor master and sufiana singer Ustaad Ghulam Mohd Saaznawaaz .

My favourite ..

Khosh chhuyii zind  thhaav
Khosh chhuyii Maar
Doan kathhun myaanein
Tchei kunn daar

Awaara karthhuss....
Bozoo myaan zaar.....
Zaaraai Paar
Awaara karthhuss...

I would put it in english like this....

("Should it please you, then Let me live.
Should it please you,then let me die.
My submissions,
Just in two words,

' Undone,
I roam aimlessly.'

Listen my woes,
My submissions ,
I roam  aimlessly...)

What a pathos this master  has put into these words with his touching  vocal style accompanied by  soft santoor notes ?

Saaznawaaz was taught by his father Ustad Ramzan joo and his Uncle Ustad Sidiq joo.

Shri Ghulam Mohd Saaznawaaz received  the prestigious  Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to Sufiana music of Kashmir.
 Ustaad was a resident of Daanmazaar safakadal  in  downtown srinagar city. He belonged to illustrious family of Sufiyana musicians of kashmir.

Saaznawaaz was honored as “Man of the year 2001” by American biographical institute (ABI).Shabir Ahmed Saaznawaaz and Mushtaq Ahmed Saaznawaaz , sons of the Maestro are also engaged in carrying forward the rich legacy of their father.

A documentary film on the  life and works of the Maestro has been telecast nationally by the Doordarshan.

Ustaad left for his heavenly abode in 2014.

(Autar Mota)

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